Hello and Welcome to Meta-Sissy

We aim to be your one stop shop for Sissy Exposure, media and resources on the Web3 and the blockchain in general.

If you’re a sissy slut, slave, whore, bitch boy or sub looking to be exposed, we’re here to help with your goal. We want to turn your exposure from a simple set of pictures online, into an NFT collection, immortalized forever on he blockchain.

So How does it work?

You send us exposure images that you’d like us to use. After signing a contract/model release and providing two forms of ID, we create a collection for you on Opensea. And Mint them as NFTs.

After this we set a sale date of however long you’ve agreed on, or the exposure package you’ve selected, mint them and put then up for sale.

You then have a choice. Either buy the NFT off of us or pay a removal fee of $100 or more, depending on the package that you have selected.

If you don’t pay the fee in the agreed time then you risk either having the NFT sold or the price doubles. All Sissies who submit will become official meta Sissies and you’ll be listed in our Meta-Sissy Gallery. You’ll also each receive a number and an ID card listing your name (real name), your sexual interests, email, contact details, location etc.