I thought you might find some of My First Wife’s training methods and techniques of interest. I grew up in a small midwestern town as a rough and ready Farm Boy who was a macho male star athlete. I would have never believed in a million years I would be “turned out” as a Sissy. However, I was born without a cock; instead, I have a nubbin of flesh not much bigger than an oversized clittie.

I was totally unable to bring my First Wife to orgasm just by “fucking” her; I could only do it with my tongue. Actually, it would be an exaggeration to say I “fucked” her, it was more like two lesbians rubbing clitties together. Whenever I tried to fuck her from behind, her beautiful, fully rounded derriere was so well formed and my clittie was so small, that I kept slipping out. Rear entry just didn’t work. When she tried to ride me cowgirl style, every other time she bounced up and down, my pathetic little gherkin kept popping out. When I tried to fuck her “Missionary Style”, I would just get into a rhythm and voila! my little 4 inch pencil thin pindick would pop right out on the backstroke. My First Wife was so distracted, so frustrated and so exasperated by “coitus interruptus” that it didn’t take a mind reader to know she was totally unfulfilled and unsatisfied.

After a sexually frustrating first year of marriage, My First Wife slowly started a process of “turning the tables” on me. At first it was an innocent and harmless temporary exchange of power, but it escalated over a two year period and transformed into something entirely different than I expected. It all started because I learned to compensate for my “shortcummings”, so to speak, with some truly world class oral sex in order to compensate for my teeny, tiny, little dicklette. It was during one of these sessions that My Wife shyly confided her “secret” fantasy: Ever since she was a teenager she had “Dreamed” about making love with another woman. Since that delightful visual image never failed to float my boat, we began to “Role Play”.

My First Wife encouraged me to pretend I was her best girlfriend, or, a new girl she met at summer camp, or, some woman she met at a professional conference. We fantasized about how I would “seduce”
na her at a pajama party “sleepover” by persuading her to let me hypnotize her, or late at night camping in a pup tent by convincing her to smoke marijuana for the first time, or by getting her soooo
drunk at a convention that her girlfriend had to take her back to her hotel room, undress her and put her into bed because she has “passed out” from drinking too much champagne which is her favorite drink. Each time the scenarios became more and more detailed and involved. Each time my wife became hotter and hotter. The fantasy “Role Play” became sooooo fucking hot, she begged me to try to make it more life like. At first, I didn’t understand what she meant. When I asked her to elaborate, she was initially reluctant and shy, which was totally unlike her.

Coyly and shyly, like a little gurl embarrased by her own deep, dark, secret desires, she sheepishly explained that it would seem soooooooo much more real if. . . if. . . I would wear. . . her silky panties while I was eating her pussy. At first, I was shocked and refused. But, of course, she pleaded with me and promised that if I did just this one little thing she would be so much more nasty, naughty and exciting. How could I resist that plea? Finally one night, as part of “The Role Play”, we got so drunk and stoned that she was able to coax me into wearing a pair of her silky black panties. . . just to make it seem . . . more authentic. . . of course! She got so hot and her orgasm was so intense just from my wearing panties that I put up far less resistance when she reqested that I wear black mesh stockings, a garter belt and bra. Sure enough, she began to turn into a wild, sensuous, sexual animal. From somewhere inside her a Tigress emerged that I had never seen before.

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