The 30 Day Anal Orgasm Test

It is a fact that ALL men, CAN cum with no stimulation to their penis.

All that is required is to not let your man cum under any circumstances, for any reason.  Before we show you how you can accomplish this, one might ask, “Why do I want to make my husband have an anal orgasm anyways?  The answer is simple.  The transformation that will occur during the following process, will be sure to make your man more obedient, a better and more attentive lover, and overall better partner in life in and out of the bedroom.

So lets begin…

Set The Stage.

The first thing you need to do is let your husband/boyfriend know your intentions.  Tell him know right now that you are going to run an experiment on him for your amusement.  Tell him it will be tough on him, but the reward at the end of your experiment will be well worth it.  Let him know that you are going to teach him how to have an “anal orgasm” where he will feel a full orgasm and cum without any stimulation to his cock whatsoever.  Let him know that when he has it, that it will be the most intense orgasm of his life, and that the wait for this will be worth it.  Also let him know that you do not know how long this will take, but it will involve lots of sex, but he is not allowed to cum.  (this will make him interested for sure.)

Stage 1.

Every day you must tease your husband or boyfriend.  You must make him hard, and if possible EDGE him every day.  This is where you bring him really close, and then stop prior to the point of no return. Also be sure to tease him verbally, and talk dirty to him.  Remind him how much you own him, and how he is to serve you.  Make him bring you to orgasm as many times as you like, and for him to do things like lick your ass.  This is a giant turn on for submissive men.

The main point of this stage, is to tease and deny for approximately 2-5 days following his last orgasm.

Stage 2.

This is very much the same as stage 1 except after 5 days, you will start to anally penetrate on a regular basis.  After you tease him and his cock is really hard, flip him over, and start working his ass.  Plant some triggers here while you are doing this.  Tell him how horny he is, and how much he likes it when you fuck his ass.  At this point, use your fingers, dildos, anything you have ever used in the past, and use lots of language to keep him turned on during this.  Let him know what a good anal slut he is for you, and that good boys get great rewards.  The point is, keep the tease and level of excitement high, while you penetrate his ass.

As you are using your dildo, fingers, strap on, or whatever you want, ask him how it feels best.  Slow it down, and speed it up, and try different things.  Get him to tell you what feels best.  Find out if slower or faster is better, and find the perfect speed that he likes a lot.  Don’t just take his word for it, judge by how his body is reacting along with what he is saying.

At this point it would be a good idea to do this at least once every second day.  Every day is better, and at the same time too, so it becomes something he expects. This is part of the brain conditioning that it will take for him to have release without stimulation to his cock.  For the ultimate and best results, at some point, switch to strap on only.  Teach him that this is the way good boys get fucked.  They get taken by their boss, where and however they want.  Use varying rhythms, and lots of verbalization as you take him each time.  Ask him to thank you, and let him know how much you are turned on by his obedience.  Always let him know that there is a big reward at the end of this experiment.  Also tell him while you are taking him with your strap on, that there is a big reward at the end of your strap on.

Stage 3.

Pretty much, keep on repeating stage 2.  Do it daily or at least very regularily.  Make sure you talk to him while you are doing it.  Make sure you make him hard everytime before you start doing this.  Train him that when he gets hard and horny, your strap on cock is going in his ass.  The more you do this, and the hornier he gets, the more he will crave your strap on.   At this point it is really only a matter of time.  The only rule you need to get from this point on, is that he does not get to cum EVER again normally UNTIL he blows his load from you anally entering him.  At some point his semen buildup will need to be released, and between your verbal encouragement, and cock teasing, it will happen. Definitely.  The only thing that will vary is the amount of time it takes, and this will vary due to these 2 conditions:

  • how old he is
  • how often he had orgasms before you started this experiment

Generally the older a person is, the longer this might take, and also the less frequent your man masturbated, or had orgasms, the longer it will take.

If your man is past 50, and only orgasms once per week, this might take up to 2 months.

If your man is 18 and is used to cumming multiple times per day, this might only take 3-4 days.

Most people will fall in the middle of this and will cum within 30 days of this type of training.

One thing is for sure though.  All men can cum through anal penetration only, and this exercise is to find out how long that is for your man regardless.


Some women elect to make this the new way PERMANANTLY after this happens.

Why?  Because keeping your man in a suspended horny state that only cums from anal penetration at your control, will make your man more obedient, compliant, better lover, better house boy for doing chores, and much, much more.  This experiment will open both of your eyes to a world of extreme production of the male, and blissfulness for the woman.

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