Sissy Definitions

sissy training

A process of emasculation and feminization used by a sissy school, a Mistress, or a Master to turn a hetero-sexual, -flexible, -romantic masculine male into a nonsexual servant for women and effeminate pussyboy for men.

Common Themes

1. Status: Not a Man
– Inferior & submissive to women & men
– Pronouns she/her or it/its
– Adopt fem name
– Serve women platonically & men sexually

2. Genitalia: clitty and sissy ovaries
– No sexual purpose
– Stay limp
– Never ejaculate
– Only receive sissy diddles
– Lock in pink chastity tube

3. Primary Sexual Organ: sissy-pussy
– Located below clitty
– Sissy g-spot makes sissygasms
– Wear butt plug to be ready for penetration

4. Crossdressing
– Only wear panties
– Shave or wax from neck down
– Dress up with makeup, wigs, & fem clothing

5. Serving Women
– Find Mistress(es) or gal pal(s) to friendzone and help feminize
– Strict prohibition from seeing female nudity
– Only platonic physical contact OR
– Acts of service like a pedicure
– Be her sissymaid

6. Serving Men
– Learn & practice blowjob techniques on dildos
– Eagerly suck any cock & swallow every load
– Offer sissy-pussy if requested
– Be his sissymaid

7. MtF Behavioral Modification
– Adopt fem habits

e.g. crossing legs instead of manspreading
– Switch to fem hobbies
e.g. Watch Lifetime instead of ESPN

Although the guidelines listed above are typical, a sissy training regimen is often tailored based on the sissy and the trainer’s preferences.

After completing sissy training, the sissy formerly known as Mike celebrated by changing its name to sissy michelle.

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