Bump in the Night

       Every night you crossdress alone in your apartment (lets say it’s on the third floor). Little do you know, you have a stalker that looks into your place with a telescope to watch you every time. His sexual frustration grows day by day and it’s getting harder for him to hold himself back. He could no longer think without having thoughts of you being at the end of his cock. It has gotten to the point where he feels like he’s being tormented by you. The only remedy in his mind is to punish you by having you at his mercy and exposing your sissy secret! It’s night time again, you put on your panties and wig before you play with yourself. Your stalker makes his move and heads over to your apartment. 

        You get into bed and start feeling yourself up while imagining what it would feel like getting fucked. You turn over on all fours, ass up and face down against the pillow. You’re to busy stroking yourself to notice your apartment door being picked open. The stalker makes his way inside and sees you in pretty pink panties stroking your sissy clitty. With a wolfish grin, he approaches quietly and positions himself directly behind you. “Need help with that you naughty slut?” he says as he grabs your booty and prods his face into your bottom. Caught off guard and surprised to all hell, you turn to face the stalker and kick him away. As he flies back, he tears off your panties leaving you naked on the bed. “Naughty sissies like you need to be taught discipline! About time I teach you!”. You throw your pillow to blind him as you make your escape…

 – Prompt writer requested to be anonymous

        I manage to slip away and run for the front door but he quickly reacts and tackles me face forward against the wall. I try to let out a scream but he covers my mouth and whispers “If you scream everybody will know you’re a sissy.. do you want that?”. His words silence me completely and I’m now frozen in place, terrified to know what will happen to me. Pinned against the wall with him to my back, he places his hands on my inner thighs. A sharp chill shoots across my body making every hair stand up straight. After rubbing my thighs a bit, he lifts me up by them and slowly spreads open my legs with the help of the support of the wall. “I know the perfect way of punishing you” he says sinisterly causing me to tremble like a scared animal. I’m naked and held up high against the wall with my arms and legs spread out like a frog grabbing onto the wall the best I can. Using his body to pin me, he takes his hand off my right thigh and I hear him fiddle with his pants and then places his hand back. “This is where the fun begins you naughty bitch!”. He then begins to lower me until I feel the tip of his cock press against my inexperienced hole. He plays around and prods his cock around as if he’s going to go in but doesn’t which places me in a constant state of fear and anticipation. I turn my head slightly around to see what’s happening and that’s when he takes action. 

        Caught off guard again, I fall onto his rock hard cock where he lets gravity do the work as I slowly slide down, feeling the pain of his cock digging into me. My eyes go wide and I let out a loud and unexpected moan of pleasure. I quickly cover my mouth but I know that it’s to late to cover what happened, he definitely heard me. The pain begins to turn into pleasure as his cock is nearly all inside me. My erect dick rubs down against the wall and I nearly cum when my balls touch the base of his dick. I try to hold back my moans as best I can but the fact that I’m now completely impaled by his cock awakens a pleasure within me that I never knew existed. All of a sudden, I’m pulled away from the wall and in a moment of panic I place both my hands around him so I don’t fall. Still holding me up by the legs, the stalker looks around the room for ideas of what to do next. 

        Skewered by his cock like some hood ornament, I’m carried over to my rooms balcony door and we both end up outside. “You have beautiful moans, it’s a shame that you keep them to yourself. I’m sure others would love to hear them”. I then realize what he plans to do and fear takes over again. I tell him “no please I’m begging you! I will do anything you want but please, I don’t want anyone else to know I’m a sissy!”. He ignores my complaints. I’m pinned against the balcony railing where I’m now facing outward onto the street and other houses. Now in position, he begins to move his hips in a piston motion. His cock that has just been resting inside my ass is now going in and out and my body is now bouncing with the rhythm of his. My cock flails around in the open air and the sound of our bodies slapping against one another can now be heard across the quiet neighborhood. Since I’m holding onto him instead of keeping my mouth closed, moans escape me as I get louder and louder. To amplify the humiliation, I can hear my own moans echo across the street and off of the other buildings. Lights begin to turn on and people start coming outside to investigate the noises. “Let us give them a great performance shall we” he says proudly in a tone that is almost mocking me.

        He adjusts himself and begins fucking me harder. I can no longer hold my moans back and I start to lose control of myself. At this point, there is a crowd of people outside with flash lights searching the area. The lights begin to scour the building and as much as I wish it wouldn’t happen, they all eventually focus in on the spectacle. My sissy secret that I’ve kept from society for so long is now being revealed in the most explicit way possible. A man who I don’t know invaded my home and has me mounted, spread open, and displayed like some prized hunting trophy off of my balcony for all those to see. I begin to see camera flashes and the lights of video cameras turn on. I hear people cheering and laughing in excitement. The stalker freezes his arm and hips in place and I stop bouncing up and down. I’m now just held still in his arms. I feel this cock tighten and he lets out a loud moan. Balls deep into me, his warm seed surges rapidly into me and explodes out from the gaps of my plugged asshole. The sensation drives me wild and my eyes roll up into my head. I let go of everything and let my instincts finally take over. My hard cock tightens, I’ve been driven to the verge of releasing my load. With a loud sploosh, my cum blasts out and rains down from my third floor balcony. The camera flashes keep going off and the cheering kept getting louder. Tired and nearly out of breath, the stalkers says “It appears that our performance was a hit success. I’ll be seeing you again real soon darling”. From this point on, I would no longer be able to hide my secret but now I no longer cared about that. Never have I been so happy to be a sissy.

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