What is a sissy?

(posted elsewhere, not my words but so perfectly summarised I wanted to share)

Being A Sissy Slut

There are many types of “faggots” in the world (and thank goodness there are, right men?). There are the macho types, muscle guys, cowboys, panty boys, and men on the down-low. And then there are sissy faggots. Sissy faggots are a bit different. On the outside a sissy faggot is soft and feminine. Usually they are smooth from head to toe and dressed like a total slut. But a sissy fag sucks cock and gets fucked like the biggest queer you have ever met! Completely insatiable, sissies are constantly seeking out cock and cum. Their eagerness to please and unquenchable desire for cock make them among the most desirable of faggot bottoms.

Why Be A Sissy?

But why be a sissy? Why not just be a fag? Either way you get to please cock and get loads and loads of cum. So why go to all the trouble of getting smooth, putting on make-up and getting dressed like a prostitute walking the streets for cock? Because it’s a calling. Its who you are inside. Its who you have always been. Its who you were born to be. Most gurls have always known they weren’t “real men”. Even as kids they felt their true feminine persona coming out. Many have spent years trying to hide it, pretending to be “macho” and masculine but knowing deep down they were just putting on a front. It was a front they could not maintain. Some recognize who they are early on and give in. But eventually you become who you are meant to be. For a gurl it’s becoming a sissy slut.

It became so obvious to you when, no matter how hard you tried, you kept finding yourself thinking of cock. Not just sucking it like a fag boy, but being fucked as a sexy gurl! When you watched porn you imagined yourself the girl. You watched the GGs on the screen and wished you were in their place and not the man fucking her. Especially interracial porn. You so long to be the white slut being pounded by that big black stud!!!! You feel him in your loins. You know your place is under his powerful body receiving his cock and begging him to cum in you and make you a total slut. This is the calling a sissy feels. This is the natural instinct that makes her who she is.

It’s A Calling

When a gurl feels her true self calling the only way she can be happy is to obey. She can no more deny who she is than the sun can deny who she is. She has been chosen. Merely finding a man and getting “fucked in the ass” is not enough. Oh it feels good to taste that cock and receive its ejaculate in your bum, but that’s not who you are. Its not what you were born to do. You have a pussy, not an ass. And you need that pussy bred. You need to be fucked as a gurl. A gurl understands that there is a difference between when a man fucks another man in his ass and when a man fucks a feminized man in his pussy. The man he fucks may feel, and rightfully so, he is the equal of the man fucking him and as such also deserves some pleasure from the sex. A feminized man, a sissy faggot, knows his/her place is at the end of a man’s dick and her only purpose is to make that cock ejaculate. She is not a man, but a sissy fuck toy created for real men to use. And she luvs her purpose!!!!!

The Purpose Of Sissy Sluts

A sissy doesn’t see her place in life as a burden. Not at all. She revels in her position as cum rag for men. A sissy is happiest when she is exhausted and filled with the semen of many, many men. What appalls and shocks a GG, a sissy welcomes eagerly. She lives for cock. She craves cum. There is no sexual request she will deny a real man. She is a complete and total whore. Sissies genuinely luv cock. With all of their hearts they truly luv it. Every single cock. They show it in how they suck a dick. Its in their eyes as their lips make luv to that dick. A sissy never just puts the head in her mouth, closes her eyes, and bobs her head up and down a few times hoping its over soon. That’s for GGs. A sissy takes that cock and shows it the luv a new mamma shows her babies. She kisses it, sucks it, licks it, and caresses it. She truly luvs that dick. Its because she is a sissy and its in her nature. Its what she was born to be.

Sexy Slutting

But it goes beyond that. Sissies luv to look sexy for men. They luv to make themselves feminine and gurly. They seek to hide their masculinity as much as possible to make themselves more attractive to men. They know they aren’t men and do not deserve to look in any way like one. Lots of make-up is used to hide their masculine shame and give as slutty a look as possible. Sissies luv to wear sexy clothes, especially lingerie. Anything that gives easy access to their pussy is preferable. Slutty heels and accessories complete the look. The look designed to bring cocks to attention and alert men that a slut is there and looking for dick. She doesn’t groan like a man when she takes a cock deep inside of her. A sissy moans like the bitch she is. She squeals like a gurl. She arches her back when she is getting it from behind. She wears heels when she has her legs spread and a man between them fucking her. She luvs the way her painted nails look wrapped around an extra thick black dong. She luvs being a gurl who takes dick like a faggot.

Sissy Sluts And Big Black Cock

Finally, being a sissy means lots of really good cock! “Straight” men luv the sissy pussy. Married men in particular luv having a gurl suck their cock and then fucking them in their sissy cunts. Two things the wife usually won’t do. Oh and black men, oh they so luv sissy pussy!!! Black men luv being serviced by a feminized white faggot bitch. A size-queen can find more than enough satisfaction as a sissy slut. Down-low brothers luv to sit back and let some white sissy whore provide pleasure to their cocks. Its hard not to feel like a total sissy whore when you are looking up at some sexy black brother with his dick in your throat while wearing a garter, hose, and heels. Of course, in the new millennium “bi” is the new straight. Men everywhere are discovering the joys of the sissy faggot. No one sucks dick with more energy and no one luvs being fucked harder. And unlike when they fuck a GG, a sissy doesn’t care about being their girlfriend and she will never call and say she is pregnant no matter how much he comes in her. And a sissy never says “no”. She always wants his dick.

Not everyone can be a true sissy. Putting on a pair of panties and sucking a dick isn’t being a sissy. Its not really something you just decide to be. Its really about being who you are. Anyone can be a cock sucker or a faggot bottom. A sissy is something a person is born to be. It is in a gurls DNA. To be a sissy is to realize your true self. She was born to put on make-up, dress like a whore, find men, and take cum. A sissy was born so real men could have a tight, hot, wet place to ejaculate. When a sissy knows and accepts this she has found her place in the world and her purpose in life. Serving that purpose is the only thing that makes her happy. It completes her. It is who she was born to be.

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