Why do Doms lock sissies!

There are several reasons why a Daddy will lock up his sissies clit. Each Daddy has his specific reasoning and motive, but there are a few main reasons (inspired by my own reasoning) why I find locking up extraordinarily important. Stripping you of your manhood: One of the first reasons that come to mind is to set in motion your sissy understanding that there is only one man between you and her. You take away that option; she shouldn’t have any expectation of male pleasure because that’s not the role she agreed to play. It’s one of the main reasons I often check to make sure a sissy I’m training is locked; I don’t even think a sissy should be allowed to speak to a man she’s interested in unless she’s caged and can show her intent to be the girl between the two. She shouldn’t even have the opportunity to seek male pleasure.

Increased Sexual Behavior: Now, sissies love sex; it’s not that hard to figure out. Obviously, if she’s posting sexy pics online, she’s turned on and wants some attention for those pictures. But often a sissy needs to be encouraged to step out of her comfort zone (do things she wants to do but is too afraid to, not do things that she doesn’t want to, or break her limits), but often she gets scared or worried because of PNC or how the world might see her. Cages fix some of that issues. A cage on your sissy is like overfilling a balloon. Once you put in the cage, it’s just about time; the longer you keep her in it, the harder it is for her to come up with excuses why not to and soon she’ll be ready to try things she was scared to do, the balloon pops.

A test of Obedience: When your sissy first starts to dip her toe into being the owner or learning how to please her man properly, you often have to train her in obedience. If I bring up locking her up, I ask the questions “How much is she pushing back?” or “How many excuses can she come up with?”. Now sometimes there are good reasons, “Daddy, my cage just broke, but the first thing I did was order a new one, and its already shipped,” or “Daddy I can’t afford one right now” (Hit me up for budgeting tips haha), which are disappointing, but real. However, if she’s pushing back and disobeying for small or lame reasons, then I know she’s ramping up to be a brat and willfully disobedient in the future and can act accordingly.

Insurance: Now, probably the most boring of the insurance reasons. Most sissies don’t know what they want (which is why they often seek out daddies), but they know they want attention and pleasure. Often the uncaged sissy will spend your entire conversation rubbing away at her clit, she’s just excited to be getting any attention from a man, either negative or positive, but I digress. The problem is that she’s now seeking her own orgasm, she’s using the daddy as a masturbation tool (as a side not this goes both way with men and sissies), with no intention of continuing the conversation ever again. She wants her orgasm. But that’s one of the reasons I cage. As a daddy I don’t want to spend time with a sissy knowing that I’ll never get to talk with her again, if I’m going to invest my time into the sissy, then I want to have “Sissy Insurance” her caged. There are probably infinite reasons men cage their sissies, and some of my reasons may not be compelling or offensive to some sissies, but that’s okay too! We’re not all going to like the same stuff. But I hope some of these ideas are helpful, and I hope you enjoyed getting to know at least some subset of us, Daddy!

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