So you want to build a brainwashing machine?

**This article was originally posted on Tumblr via the drone factory **

If you’re looking for Hypno VR Kink you‘re in the right place.  There isn’t much VR dedicated brainwashing goodness on the internets… yet.

The biggest question is “how do I vr porn”, “WTF is this weird shit?”  and “brainwash VR how to dick?” The answer to all of the above? MODERN DAY SCIENCE!!!??!! or something… idk, I’m not the AI running google…  go ask that thing. or stick around and hear about how to build your own brainwashing  machine. First though… Be careful. VR + Hypnosis (Along with mind altering substances) is essentially self brainwashing.

Granted it’s not like you’ll instantly turn into a slut and start sucking cocks off craigslist… butt if that idea excites you… if you listen to it on repeat and have it flashed in your face for hours, weeks, and months on end… you might just end up doing that. 

Now that you’ve been warned. Real World Creepypasta brainwashing machine time. You’ll need an Oculus Quest, Quest 2, Quest Pro, Rift, Vive, and or Windows Mixed Reality connected to a VR capable PC. if you have that… Welcome to the future with binaural audio, 110+ FOV, room-scale tracking, and with the touch controllers(if you’re fancy like me); just put on a headset and you’re instantly transported into another world… transported to incredibly kinky brainwashing worlds of your making! heh-heheheh If you have a Vive the upgraded head strap is recommended for extended use. The oculus in ear headphone upgrade is also recommended for users of that system. also get a VR cover it’ll make long-term use of your headset more comfortable. You can also use the slim facial replacements to reduce the gap between the lenses and your eyes, giving you a wider FOV. You’ll also be able to wash away your sweat and shame, a bonus if you’re not the only person who might use the headset. The meat and tamatoes of our software stack is Virtual Desktop 

This is a powerful app to bring your desktop into VR. It has a couple nifty features for Hypnosis, able to play normal videos across your entire vision along with 3D VR porn videos. Plus built in MilkDrop support for music visualization, load up your favorite playlist of hypnosis let it melt your brain as every pattern is visually created around you. Highly recommended 😉 Even with the new Oculus Dash 2.0 the visualizer makes Virtual Desktop a preferred alternative, worth the purchase. Content doesn’t have to be made for vr to be used effectively with vr. For easy mind numbing fun put on your favorite hypnosis in the background with milkdrop/virtual desktop to slowly scroll through tumblr. Or create a custom playlist of audio/video found on teh internets and have it play with a virtual screen that takes up your entire vision.

With virtual desktop you can do it all from within the headset without taking it off. Not many people have a VR setup that allows for their bed to be tracked- though for extended ‘use’ this is highly recommended. With two smartly placed sensors you can track an entire room. Get comfy and reposition your view in virtual desktop to whatever is most comfortable, allowing you to lay in any position while in in the machine. How you setup your space is up to you, and you’ll want larger and larger play space the more you use it! it’s hard to go too far, if you end up addicted to VR Hypnosis you’ll hit a point of no return that is near impossible to cross on your own… as in it won’t make you do anything you don’t want to do. least on the first few “dives”. Spend a couple hours in it? Fun night… Stay in it or keep going back? and the rabbit hole goes much deeper.

The “Machine” is only part of the equation, it engulfs the users senses near completely. Repeated and extended exposure to content while in it is really the key part. Diving at night and falling asleep in the machine while under exposure of deviously delicious hypnosis can cause disrupted sleep cycles. That is IF you manage to drift away to sleep while you’re still being bombarded with sound and imagery… much like a lucid dreaming mask though…. With extended proper use it will send the user into a guided waking-induced lucid dreamlike state.  This is only the start, buckle up Alice. we’re going deep. If used for several nights in a row as described to disrupt sleep… an interesting state of sleep deprivation occurs where the user feels physically rested, but is mentally regressing and becoming more pliable. After 5-7 night straight of an 8 hour regime the user will start to loose contact with physical reality… Daytime habits may be severely impacted. This stage is a self-limiter for most people, for obvious reasons. It takes a large time commitment, and at this point you’re essentially locking the user away in virtual reality… Use of bondage for extended use is not required, but can add to the affect and help instill a sense of feeling properly “Locked” into the machine. This is a personal preference. Though with bondage and extended use with the machine the user can become completely disassociated from time and lost to the experience. Someone can easily become the “operator” of a “user” with this setup, controlling everything they experience and shaping their mind. Warning: Mixing the machine with any sort of psychoactive, dissociative, hypnotic and or other substances can deeply enhance the experience. Though with proper use these are not necessary, and NOT recommended for ANYONE but those willing to loose themselves completely in the process. Several days of sleep deprivation is “as” if not more powerful than most drugs. Depending on the length of sleep deprivation, approximately 80% of normal people in the population will eventually have hallucinations. 

Make sure the user has extended periods of time away from use of the machine & regimen, with at least a week to return to normal sleep patterns. A month of continued use as described may/will result in permanent personality changes. if the user is not allowed to rest properly and return to normal REM sleeping patterns between extended “sessions”, they may be driven crazy or become lost to the machine and regimen permanently…  Follow this guide at your own risk. I’m not responsible for what you do with this knowledge. Use it as a template… or a warning/story.  This is all potentially hypothetical of course and not based in reality? 😉 You’ve been warned.

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