What exactly is a handsfree orgasm, sissygasm or assgasm ?

I would like to give an explanation about the different orgasm types and hope to bring some light in the dark because people often seem to mix up these expressions. First of all I have to say that I am not sure if a correct definition even exist. Everybody has it’s own understanding from these different types of orgasms. I personally use the following definitions:

Handsfree orgasm

The name already says that it’s an orgasm without using your hands. Originally it means to cum completely without penile stimulation. However, this definition has some space for different interpretations and I distinguish between two different types of handsfree orgasms:

– Orgasm with penile stimulation

95% of all handsfree orgasms which occur on the internet are achived with a preceding penile stimulation or masturbation. Jerking a cock and then just take the hands off before cumming is indeed a ‘handsfree orgasms’, but only in the widest sense. If an orgasm is achived with initial masturbation I prefer the wide spread wording ‘ruined orgasm’, because it’s nothing more than that.

– Orgasm without penile stimulation

This is a real handsfree orgasm and can be achived by using the PC-Muscle. Easy said it’s the muscle you use to make your cock bounce. This muscle is also always strained when you have an orgasm because it stimulates the prostate. Alternate straining and relaxing of this muscle will lead to an orgasm completely without touching your cock for a single second. Of course this requires some exercise.

How to train it ? -> Making your cock bounce is of course already a training of this muscle. But instead of quickly strain and relax it, you should strain it for a longer period of time (5 to 10 seconds) before relaxing.  When you try this some minutes you will probably already start to leak precum, depending when you had your last orgasm. Of course there are much more exercises to trainthis muscle, therefore have a search on google.


A sissygasm is an orgasm you can achive through anal penetration and therefore frequenting penetration of your prostate.

Your cock doesn’t necessarily need to be hard to cum like that. The fact that you can cum with a limp makes this kind of orgasm very intensive and you can milk yourself for a long period of time. I sometimes do that during 2 hours (of course with some breaks). As you know you can see the result in several videos of me 🙂

Just by definition a ’sissygasm’ is also a ‘handsfree orgasm’. You see there is space for different interpretations.

To learn how to achive a sissygasm I would like to refer to this great guide of Jenna Chaste:


People often tell me that they did some anal play and ask if they just had a sissygasm just because they dripped some precum. I can tell you: If you have to ask if you had one it was definitive none.

Assgasm / Analgasm

I personally think that it’s the same than a sissygasm. But I also know that some people say that it’s an orgasm without ejaculation, caused by anal stimulation. Maybe this is possible but at least I never experienced something like that. Maybe this happens to people who doesn’t tend to cum a lot. Since everybody is different there are people who don’t produce a lot of cum or precum. It is therefore thinkable that these people achive a sissygasm without ejaculating. Unfortunately I can’t give a real statement regarding this topic.


Whichever of the above orgasms you want to achive, it is mandatory that you don’t masturbate and cum for at least 1 to 2 weeks to increase your sexual sensitivity. To experience these types of orgasms you need concentration and discipline. Furthermore you need time and a relaxed environment. These types of orgasms are directly linked to you mind and require devotion. If you are stressed, take medics or anything else which compromise your sexual sensitivity, it won’t work. It also won’t work if you try too hard. Often they happen when they happen and if you force it, it will never happen because your mind is blocked. If you have patience and motivation you will try again and again until you achive your goal. I personally can say that it’s definitive worth the hard work. It’s like an internal explosion which will drive you crazy. Furthermore these orgasms also last much longer than normal orgasms.

Furthermore I would like to mention that there is the danger that you can’t go back to normal sex or orgasms after this experience. Since the above orgasms are much more intense and fun, you will start to feel that ‘normal’ cumming is boring and just waste of your love-juice.

If you have more questions you can find a lot of guides on google. Of course you can also gladly contact me if you have any questions.

I wish good luck and a lot of fun!

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